Welcome to my Journal


This is my first entry.


My lonely life...

Here's to sad, lonely life. I go to a school where NOBODY'S FUCKING NORMAL! and I'M THE ONLY NORMAL PERSON IN THERE!

I have no REAL friends, just my mum, dad and big brother named Sean who always roleplays with his friends and doesn't have time for me.

Now i sit here, wasting away at my computer, FUCKING WRITING THIS JOURNAL!

Also Sean goes out with his girlfriend named Sam, which leaves me with my mum and dad: Dad goes out to work and Mum exercises on either her exercise bike or her treadmill, so that basically leaves me "home alone".


My sickly school life..

If you want a good look at my SICKLY SCHOOL LIFE! Then this is for you, I have friends but most of them talk about Nintendo or some shit like that AND one of my "friends" looks/dresses up like fucking a school shooter. Trenchcoat and all.


My Mental Health?

I feel like my mental health is going down the shitter, like I feel sometimes I'm being possessed by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. I'm starting to feel I'm being followed by Mr. Anime (Trey Eric Sesler) AND I DON'T KNOW WHY!


My first day back in school

So, it's my first day back in school and you know what, it wasn't completely dogshit, actually it was good, I got to see my friends again for god-knows how long and I'm a big S4!!! So eat that, bitches!!!


My Mental Health, cont.

I have thoughts, Bad Thoughts. Sometimes I have thoughts of killing myself, I want to go like Eric Harris, as in "shotgun-to-mouth" style but even though I want to go out like Eric Harris, I don't want to kill anyone, and I can't get a gun since I live in the UK, so I guess I'll have to go out like Ian Curtis (lead singer of Joy Division) as in "rope-to-neck" style, I guess you could say I want to go out like Kurt Cobain, but we all know he didn't kill/shoot himself, so I guess Eric Harris will do as an example of how I want to kill myself, although he murdered lot's of people.


Why do I not like the Hulk?

When I was little, I was mad obsessed with the Hulk, I mean I had all the toys, movies, the games, you name it, I had it all. But one day, I started hateing the Hulk and I mean dispised him and I don't know why and this was when I was still very young. Nowadays, I just don't mind him anymore.


Comic Con..

So, I went to Comic Con on Saturday and yesterday, it was good, Sean and his girlfriend Sam and one of his friends named Tom took me to Comic Con on Saturday and Sean and Sam dressed up as Disco Elysium characters and Tom dressed up as Max Payne, then yesterday Sean just wore casual clothes which happened to look like Max Payne kinda SUS*insert Jerma face here*if you ask me anyways Sam dressed up as one of her fan-made Star Trek characters, both days were awesome and I'd love to go again.


My Fucking BIRTHDAY!!

It's my fucking BIRTHDAY!! "whoop-whoop"


I Left School :)

So I've just left the shithole that I call school, at just 17 years old. Actually I've left school a while ago when I just turned 17 but that's besides the point as I left school cause I want to be happy than to get more qualifcations as I was absolutely miserable in there, constantly surrounded by stupid, fucking retards, honestly I felt like I was in a live version of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" cause I was in a special-ed school being taught at RETARD LEVEL when I was so far above that when I was young and the worse of it all, my old primary school held back, I swear I WILL TAKE REVENGE ON THEM AND HOLLYBROOK ACADEMY! Just fucking watch me!


I'm so Fucking Stoned...

So, I ate an cocolate chip cookie with Weed baked inside, we called it (Extra Sugher), and now I feel like I've travelled back to the 2000s like I've travelled back to when I was little but everyone looks the same as everyone looked like the presacnt,ANd feel like my skin is transparrent and you could see my bones. 10/10 would do again.


I have ideas for my fictional characters

I have an idea for my fictional characters' digital footprint, like I want to make Spacehey accounts for Maxwell Poole and Zachary Green but I don't know if it would be a waste of time...