Welcome to My Family Page!

Emily Poole - My Mother, My Rock

My mom, Emily, is truly the cornerstone of my life. She’s been my unwavering support through all the ups and downs. Her kindness and resilience are what I admire most about her. She always knows just what to say to calm me down or cheer me up, no matter how dark the day seems. She’s not just my mom; she’s my hero. I owe her more than words can express, and every day I strive to make her proud.

Daniel Poole - My Father

Talking about my father, Daniel, is always a bit complex to say the least. We’ve had our share of struggles, particularly since he and my mom split. He blames me for a lot of the issues in his marriage with my mom, which is hard to handle. Our relationship is strained, and though I wish things were different, it's often a challenge to bridge the gap. I'm working on understanding him better, and maybe one day, we'll find some common ground.

Elliot Poole - My Little Brother, My Little Buddy

Elliot is my younger brother and honestly, he’s the light of my life. He’s curious, playful, and sees the world in such a vibrant way that it reminds me to appreciate the little things. Protecting his innocence is my top priority, which is why I keep my struggles away from him. I want his childhood to be as joyful and carefree as possible, which means making tough choices about what I share. But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it to see him smile.

A Few Thoughts...

Family means the world to me, even with all its complexities. Each day is a new opportunity to connect, to forgive, and to grow together. Through this website, I hope to share more about my journey, the highs and the lows, and how my family shapes who I am. Thank you for stopping by and getting to know us a little better.